XAPL Filters

Automotive filters for Trucks, Tractors, Farming Machinery


Xcel Automotives manufacture automotive and industrial filters. X-cel filters are being manufactured by using best quality raw material under stringent quality controls.

A filter plays a very important role in maintaining the engine life by filtering the air, fuel and oil. We manufacture the filters by considering all the aspects and impacts. We follows the OEM’s standards during development and manufacturing of the parts.

X-cel filters are available for all range of Indian vehicles. These filters can be easily accessible at any spare parts shop. Our range of filters includes:- Fuel Filters Oil Filters Air Filters Hydraulic Filters

Xzon HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Fuel Filter

Xcel filters are manufacturing by using best quality raw material under stringent quality controls. Xcel fuel filter with their high quality and efficiency ensure long and trouble free engine life.  A good quality fuel filter insures to product engine from these impurities and gives extra life to the engine and vehicle. All the fuel that enters the carburetor must past through fuel filter.  The impurities in fuel usually result in clogging the carburetor and hence and affecting the engine life. Xcel fuel filters is available for all range of Indian vehicles. Xcel filters are easily available at any spare parts shop and are backed by the quality and trust of Xcel Automotives.

Xzon HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Oil Filter

Xcel Automotives manufacturing oil filters with the support of execellent Engineers & Supervisors. The function of oil filters is to prevent Impurities and dust particles to enter the sensitive parts of your vehicle’s engine without restricting normal oil flow. The internal source of contamination includes worn products from the rubbing surfaces on engine.  The most important job of oil is to lubricate the engine.  Oil Filters must be replaced along with each change of oil as the new oil can pick up the contaminants trapped in old oil Filter and re-circulate them to engine’s moving parts. Frequent oil and filter changes are an effective and economic way to increase engine life.

Xzon HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Air Filter

Xcel Automotives manufacturinga wide range of air filters for Indian market. X-cel Air Filers are manufacturing with very good quality of filter paper & high qualityof raw material. As a huge quantity of air is sucked by I.C. engines. The possibility of inducting a considerable mass of solid contaminants from the atmospheric air becomes very high. The air filter removes the carbon abrasive and other contaminant from air before it mixes with engine system. If allowed to get inside the engine, such particles can damage cylinder walls, piston and piston rings, Xcel high quality air filter with modern technology insure that no dust particles enters and damage the engine. Xcel range of air filters is available for all Indian vehicles.     


Hydraulic Filter

Xcel Automotives has introduced most efficient hydraulic filters with an accumulative efficiencies of up to 95% for Proper Filtration which Protects Hydraulic Fluid systems. Today, hydraulic systems run at higher pressures and faster cycle times than ever before. This means closer tolerances in control valves and between all moving parts, greater system stress and increased sensitivity to contamination. Hydraulic system efficiency and reliability depend on good filtration. Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to lower maintenance expense and help to ensure trouble-free system operation is through proper filtration.