Bearings for Cars Trucks, Tractors, Machinery


Xcel Automotives manufacture all kind of bearings that can be used in industry and automotive products. A good bearing plays a very important role in reducing the friction and noise in vehicles and machinery.

Xcel bearings are being manufactured by using high quality raw material and under supervision of highly qualified engineers using automatic and latest machinery to give the best performance.

Quality parameters and bearing standards are followed by us, during manufacturing of the parts. Our range of bearings includes:- Roller Bearings Ball Bearings Taper Bearings

Xcel HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Roller Bearings

Xcel Automotives started manufacturing of Roller Bearing with the support of highly qualified Engineers & superior quality of raw material. bearing which carries a load by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings called races. The relative motion of the races causes the rolling elements to roll with very little rolling resistance and with little sliding. Xcel Roller bearings have the advantage of a good trade off between cost, size, weight, carrying capacity, durability, accuracy, friction, and so on. Other bearing designs are often better on one specific attribute  A rolling element rotary bearing uses a shaft in a much larger hole, and cylinders called "rollers" tightly fill the space between the shaft and hole. As the shaft turns, each roller acts as the logs in the above example. However, since the bearing is round, the rollers never fall out from under the load.

Xcel HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Ball Bearings

X-cel Automotives manufacturing a wide range of ball bearings. Its manufactured by using high quality of raw material with latest technology. A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races.  The purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. It achieves this by using at least two races to contain the balls and transmit the loads through the balls. In most applications, one race is stationary and the other is attached to the rotating assembly (e.g., a hub or shaft). it causes the balls to rotate as well. Because the balls are rolling they have a much lower coefficient of friction than if two flat surfaces were sliding against each other.

Xcel HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Taper Bearings

X-cel Automotives also manufacturing of Taper bearing on large scale. The bearing are manufactered under monitoring of excellent Engineers & supervisors. X-cel Tapered roller bearings are separable into a cone assembly and a cup. The non-separable cone assembly consists of the inner ring, the rollers, and a cage that retains & evenly spaces the rollers, The cup is simply the outer ring.  X-cel Taper roller bearing in combination with modern lubricants is extremely durable and is used almost universally in applications involving rotating axle and transmission shafts. X-cel Tapered roller bearings are commonly used for moderate speed, heavy duty applications where durability is required. Common real world applications are in agriculture, construction and mining equipment, axle systems, gear box, engine motors and reducers, propeller shaft, railroad axle-box, differential, wind turbines, etc 

Xcel HYDRAULIC OIL ISO 32, 46, 68, 100 PART II

Thrust Bearings

X-cel Automotives are manufacturing thrust Bearings in very large scale. X-cel thrust bearing is a particular type of rotary bearing, Like other bearings they permit rotation between parts, but they are designed to support a predominately axial load. Thrust bearings come in several varieties: Thrust ball bearings, Cylindrical thrust roller bearings, Tapered roller thrust bearings, Spherical roller thrust bearings, Fluid bearings, Magnetic bearings.  X-cel Thrust bearings are commonly used in automotive, marine, and aerospace applications. Thrust bearings are used in cars because the forward gears in modern car gearboxes use helical gears which, while aiding in smoothness and noise reduction, cause axial forces that need to be dealt with. X-cel Thrust bearings are also used with radio antenna masts to reduce the load on an antenna rotator.